Idaho State Treasurer's Office

As of July 1, 2022

  • Total Number of Employees: 26
  • Size of Treasury Annual Budget: $4,546,800.00
  • Size of Portfolios Managed by Treasury: $12,598,650,000


The Idaho State Treasurer operates as the chief financial officer and banker of monies collected by Idaho. Duties include receiving all state monies, redeeming warrants, accounting for the receipt and disbursement of public funds, investing idle state monies, issuing state tax anticipation notes, investing local government and agency monies and acting as custodian for worker’s compensation insurance securities on deposit with the state and custodian of the Endowment Public School Income Fund.

The Treasurer’s Office is also the administrator of Idaho’s Unclaimed Property Program. More than $207 million in unclaimed assets in Idaho are just waiting to be claimed. These include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, bank accounts, uncashed payroll checks, utility deposits, traveler's checks, contents from deposit boxes, and more. Most of the assets are ones that people didn't know they had or just forgot about, and sometimes they are worth thousands of dollars.

Additionally, the Idaho State Treasurer administers several programs including the 529 College Savings Program, the Idaho Bond Bank, and the Idaho School Bond Guaranty Program.

The Idaho State Treasury is dedicated to looking after the hard-earned dollars of our citizens. Our primary goal is to promote public confidence in the Treasury through prudent administrative and investment policies.


Mission Statement

The Idaho State Treasurer's Office provides financial services for state and local agencies and administers programs that promote financial education for Idaho's citizens. We strive to provide the best service possible through innovation and to protect the state's assets by applying prudent and ethical banking and investment practices.