Idaho Might Have Safe Deposit Box Contents that Belong to You!

Idaho Might Have Safe Deposit Box Contents that Belong to You!

Each year, The Idaho State Treasurer's office, Unclaimed Property Division receives millions of dollars in unclaimed money from businesses and organizations that have lost contact with the owners. The State of Idaho is responsible for safeguarding the money forever until claimed by the rightful owners or heirs. By law, businesses must attempt to contact the owner of the money in an effort to return it. If the owner doesn't respond to the business, the money is considered abandoned. Businesses and organizations must review their records for unclaimed money and report the money annually to Unclaimed Property.

Along with money, banks and financial institutions send the Unclaimed Property Division contents of safe deposit boxes that have been abandoned. One of the main reasons these safe deposit boxes are abandoned is because the owner of the box is deceased and the family had no knowledge of the box’s existence. At that point, the contents are bagged up and labeled, kept in a secure location within the bank for five years, and then sent to the Unclaimed Property Division where the employees work to reunite the contents with either the original owner, or relatives of someone that is deceased.

Currently, the Idaho Unclaimed Property Division has contents from over 2,300 safe deposit boxes collected from banks. Those contents include items like jewelry, photos, legal documents, collectables, or stocks and bonds.

The Unclaimed Property Division’s vault is currently bursting at the seams with safe deposit box contents. We want to reunite items with their owners as soon as possible.

Even if you haven’t owned a safe deposit box in Idaho, one of your family members might have opened one to keep something important or sentimental to them safe. Relatives of someone who is deceased may be entitled to the contents within the safe deposit box.

Who knows, you might find Grandma’s old jewelry, an uncle’s coin collection, or even a family members bonds that they tucked away!

Be sure to check YOURMONEY.IDAHO.GOV to find out how to search our database to see if you or someone you know has claimable property! 

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